Maria is a talented designer, and a great communicator. I had no experience in design before working with Maria, and she was able to help bring my ideas to life. She went above and beyond to really understand the importance of the Oxford Union termcard project and our ethos, and was very patient in tweaking and adjusting different aspects. Her final product was elegant and classy, and successfully implemented all of our core design ideas.

Stephen HorvathPresident at The Oxford Union

I met Maria when she was freelancing here in Oxford and was lucky enough to persuade her to come and work at Incuna on a permanent contract. You just have to look at Maria’s work to appreciate her natural talent as a designer. Her experience extends well beyond her wonderful ability to create compelling brand identities into graphic design of all kinds. At Incuna she’s honed her skills in digital design, creating everything from rich interactive marketing materials right through to designing intricate interfaces for web and mobile apps. Working with some of the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare brands in the world on projects that span the globe.
Maria is simply a lovely, relaxed, positive person. Everybody wants to spend time with her. Particularly when there is pressure, she has a wonderful calming influence and you can be assured that everything *will* be alright with Maria on the case. Maria doesn’t just “do” design – she “lives” design… our junior members of staff seem drawn to her as a mentor – something she happily excels at. Even when she’s not at work it seems she’s always quietly creating something beautiful. She also happens to have been the very embodiment of hygge at Incuna – helping us appreciate the simple things in life – thank you Maria! Maria has been wonderful to work with at Incuna – I’m certain she will do fantastic work for you too.

Matthew NewmanCreative Director, Incuna Ltd

ICWS (international Child Welfare Service) is a Danish humanitarian organization providing educational support to poor children in the developing world. The organization is based on voluntary work only.
In 2012 Maria Lambert started out as a member of the ICWS Communication Academy, a group of young communication people working intensively for four month on a voluntary basis to strengthen the communication of ICWS by providing support to PR, web, exploitation of social media, events etc. Since then Maria has continued to help ICWS by providing free graphic support to development of flyers, adverts, merchandise and lately our new website.
It is a great pleasure to work with Maria. Her work is very professional and she reacts quickly and with great flexibility to our requests – even if she is not paid for her efforts. We appreciate very much the contributions of Maria, which are determining for the quality of our communication products. Thank you Maria – we are very grateful for your help.

Karen OxenbøllMember of the Board, International Child Welfare Service

We have had the pleasure to have Maria Lambert designing our website Maria has worked closely with us, in order to represent our company and luxury portfolio in the best possible way and she has shown great skills in both design and understanding in our wishes for both customer relations and company aesthetics and she has been very strong in handling all. She has shown the ability to work swiftly and efficient, coordinating and arranging different kinds of design and programming tasks, never missed a deadline and always thinks one step ahead.
We continuously work with Maria, making sure every aspect is up to date and current and I would gladly give Maria my best recommendations!

Jakob Berre EriksenCEO, Danese

I have enjoyed working with Maria Lambert on a number of tasks for Tingbjerg Council in Copenhagen, which is in charge of implementing the social housing masterplan for the area. Maria Lambert was responsible for the design of our publication ‘Time & Trust’ and design of our magazine ‘Tingbjerg Times’. Maria Lambert has also been an important partner in developing a design guide for Tingbjerg Council.
Important criteria in choosing to work with Maria Lambert is her excellent and consistent visual style, a flexible and reliable approach to working with us.

Gry AbrahamsenCommunication Manager, Tingbjerg Forum

Maria undertook the graphic development, navigation and page design of our website and she had from the beginning a very professional approach to the project. She quickly had a good grasp of the visual style we wanted, which has meant that we, throughout the whole project, had the feeling of being in safe and secure hands, and were soon convinced that the final result would appear professional and thorough. Which it definitely did. I give Maria my best recommendations.

Carina GraversenPartner and translator of Italian, Alpha Lingua

During 2012, we came to the realization at JUST EAT ‘s marketing department that we had to get more resources into our department if we were to both raise the level and volume of our newsletters. We quickly contacted Maria and she has from day one shown an understanding of our business , which I very rarely experience by external associated partners.
Our design has become much more palatable in our newsletters and in line with this, we have seen that our open rates, CTR , etc. have improved. Incredibly, our customers have become even more hungry and this we have achieved through a distinguished visualization that has food appeal. We can thank Maria for that.
Over time, she has been involved in an increasing number of design processes, including sales materials, website design, trade materials and more. I do not think there is a task she does not dare undertake.
Besides being very good at her work, Maria also is an extremely pleasant person to work with. Always in a good mood and takes things calmly and efficiently, although deadlines get close.
I highly recommend Maria if you are in need of acute help with any type of design work in a marketing department.

Søren Kruse AndersenProduct Manager, JUST EAT

We have worked with Maria Lambert for many years now and on many different types of projects. Maria works quickly and efficiently. She is extremely flexible – regardless of tight deadlines and last-minute briefs on our part, the result is always top level – and she is a very pleasant person to work with.

Sara RinggaardSenior Communication Advisor, Kompas Kommunikation

We are a young company and as we needed to develop our visual identity, Maria Lambert appeared to us to be the right choice. Maria has been involved in Room Service for a year and has been a significant factor in the development of the company we are today. Maria has besides continuous graphical tasks such as printed matter, car foils, graphics for commercials etc., also developed the graphical user interface that we use on our website today. Our homepage is for us our main store room where all our customers start, and it is here we sell our product.
Maria has created a beautiful universe to enhance usability and clarity without compromising the quality of the layout. When we launched our new website, which Maria created, we increased our conversion by 1.5 %. Maria is highly recommended for all kinds of graphics solutions, we have travelled far and wide, and Maria went to each task with enthusiasm and great seriousness.

Nick RasmussenCEO, Room Service

When we needed new ideas for design and layout of our annual magazine ‘7 Nordic tales‘ from the year that had passed, we contacted Maria. Throughout the whole process I have experienced Maria as a very creative, independent, organised, professional and punctual person, and we have throughout had very good communication with her. We are very proud of the final result, which this year has a totally new visual expression thanks to Maria.

Silje Bergum KinstenAdviser, The Nordic Council

I have been using Maria Lambert for different design projects, often at short notice and quite demanding. Maria can complete tasks quickly and efficiently, she never complains about tight deadlines, late changes and an indecisive client – in short, any client’s dream of a graphic artist and collaborator. Her work is creative and has been received well every time. It attracts attention and radiates sure sense of style, an original approach, and a high level of professionalism.

Flemming MadsenPartner, Kultur & Kommunikation APS

A chamber that deals with classical music is a very special type of “business” and when we were about to modernize our webdesign, we were from the start realizing the importance of the right partner. 
In this regard Maria Lambert has lived up to all our expectations. Besides listening to our music, she also listened figuratively by engaging herself in our thinking, our culture and our values. From this, she has created a design that perfectly reflects the solid, serious, classy and stylish approach, which is very essential elements for an organization like ours.
 Finally, the collaboration with Maria Lambert was extremely pleasant and all agreements and deadlines were met, and today we are very proud of our new, elegant and stylish design.

Ole Reuss SchmidtConductor of the Chamber Choir Euphonia

The University of Copenhagen decided to create a new design for our blog and we contacted Maria. Maria had as the graphic designer responsibility for the overall design and the specific design of sub-elements of the various functions of the blog. Maria delivered a design presentation that fully lived up to what we expected and more. She presented excellent and thoughtful solutions to the challenges we were facing, and our cooperation has been very good and without delays.

Anders Peter SchultzWeb Editor in New Media , The University of Copenhagen

I have worked with Maria on two very different projects. First, there was a set of campaign materials (posters, educational materials, postcards, props) and second, there was an illustration to serve as an invitation to an external event. During both processes Maria was tremendously fast to catch what we as clients requested in terms of visual expression. She has been adaptable and good at collaborating. In both cases, the result has been incredibly beautiful and everyone has been more than satisfied with the products.

Katrine LauritsenPR and Event Manager, Amnesty International

Maria fulfilled the role at our organisation with excellence, punctuality and passion. Her graphic design and creativity is of a high level and benefited our work greatly.

Hamid BayaziCEO, Tolerance International UK

Maria has shown initiative and confidence in dealing with a wide range of issues and people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and persuasions. She is extremely pro-active and energetic in carrying out her duties, and regularly takes on more responsibilities outside the call of duty. She is always willing to accept a challenge and to help the team meet its deadlines.
Maria is a very focused, dependable and gregarious person. She has a great sense of humour and be an asset to anyone who collaborates with her.

Naftali OnchereDirector of Operations, Tolerance International UK

I worked with Maria on a book project that got an unexpected course. The original plan was that we together would prepare all the entries in the book, and I also had to get an overview of a large number of illustrations that we received too late from the customer. Eventually, I spent all the time on the illustrations and Maria layouted all the pages in the book – in something like half the time we expected. We were all very impressed with the graphical quality – even with a deadline way too tight, each lookup was well balanced and the flow of the book was logical and varied. Maria saved the book for us! A skilled graphic designer and quite fun to work with.

Søren OlsenSenior Graphic Designer, Mollerup Designlab